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High Dynamic Range photo creation and tone mapping software for Windows and Mac

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Here you can download a demonstration version of easyHDR 3. There are two limitations as compared to the full product: watermarks are put on the output photos, saving in TIFF format is disabled.

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If you are a registered user and you want to download or upgrade your copy, please refer to the instructions that you received along with the license key.

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Title System Size
easyHDR 3.5.1
with Lightroom plug-in

(demo version)

features and requirements
win Windows XP/Vista/7/8
32/64 bit
26.2 MB download
mac Mac OS X 10.7 or later
64 bit Intel
17.4 MB download
Previous major versions of easyHDR and the relevant documentation.
The last 1.xx version is: 1.70.4 and the last 2.xx version is 2.30.5.

easyHDR BASIC 2 logo  easyHDR BASIC 2 - Freeware

easyHDR BASIC 2.13.3
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
more details ...

I have purchased a license for one of the previous versions of easyHDR 3.
Do I have to buy another one for any new release?

If you have a license for easyHDR 3 you can upgrade to any new 3.xx version for free. For full version download/upgrade details please refer to the information you received along with the license key.

I have purchased a license for one of the previous versions of easyHDR 2 (or easyHDR 1).
Do I have to buy another one?

Upgrade to easyHDR 3 is not free. You can buy an upgrade license with discount price - more details.

PDF  User Manual

Title Size
easyHDR 3 User Manual - English
(easyHDR 3.5)
8.7 MB download
easyHDR 3 Instrukcja Obsługi - polski
(easyHDR 3.5)
8.9 MB download
easyHDR 3 Manual del Usario - Español
(easyHDR 3.5)
by Christian Carneiro
8.7 MB download Komputer Świat Programosy Mac Update

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win             mac
3.5.1 (25.01.2015)

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