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The easyHDR User Manual & tutorials

easyHDR User Manual PDF User Manual
The full easyHDR 3 documentation available in the form of a PDF document.
Quick Start Quick Start Tutorial
Presents the easyHDR's workflow.
Layers Working with layers and masks
Advanced tone mapping with easyHDR layers.
Lens correction Lens correction
Fixing lens distortion, chromatic aberration and vignetting - especially useful when importing RAWs.
Ghost removal Ghost effect removal (deghosting)
How to use the semi-automatic ghost removal tool in easyHDR.
HDR astrophotography HDR Astrophotography
Using easyHDR to process astro photos. Many deep sky objects, as well as the crescent or eclipsed Moon are a huge challenge. Processing such photos may be very difficult, but easyHDR may make it a bit simpler.
Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks
Hidden or less obvious features of easyHDR.
Lightroom plug-in Adobe Lightroom Classic plug-in
How to use easyHDR as an extension to Adobe Lightroom.
EV calculator What is the Exposure Value (EV)?
The featured EV Calculator allows you to understand the image bracketing and HDR merging better.
HDR from Mars taken by Phoenix lander and processed with easyHDR HDR from MARS!
The NASA's Phoenix Mars lander took a series of bracketed photos to see the ground under its belly. HDR processing helped viewing the shadowed and sun-lit parts in full detail.
YouTube video presentation of easyHDR EasyHDR YouTube Presentation by Captain Kimo

Current easyHDR version
3.16.1   (March 15th 2023)