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Download easyHDR / BASIC (freeware)

Free HDR photo processing software

EasyHDR BASIC 2.13 is a free HDR software for Windows. It's a slightly reduced, older easyHDR version 2.13 (January 2012). You can use it freely, but please keep in mind that many of the features that can be found in the full easyHDR version are not supported there.

easyHDR BASIC screenshot, free HDR software

EasyHDR is constantly being developed and therefore has more features and options than the offered here easyHDR BASIC. It also producess different results. Please refer to the version information and check differences between version 2.13 and the most recent one, 3.16.2.

  easyHDR BASIC 2 easyHDR 3
Merging several photos into HDR yes yes
Processing single photos yes yes
Tone mapping yes yes
Post processing yes yes
HDR noise filtering yes yes
Presets (built-in and user configurable) yes yes
with thumbnails
Multi-core processing yes yes
Layers no yes
Saving and restoring projects no yes
Image alignment no yes
Ghost removal no yes
Chromatic aberration correction no yes
Lens distortion correction no yes
Batch processing no yes
Color management no yes
White balance, selective color saturation, vignette no yes
3d LUT color grading no yes
Freehand crop, rotation, perspective & distortion no yes
Clone/healing retouch tool no yes
Adobe Lightroom plug-in no yes
Supported image formats JPEG (full size),
RAW (resolution reduced 2x)
HighDPI screens support (4K, Retina) no yes
Updates N/A yes (free of charge)
Version 2.13.3 3.16.2
Operating System
easyHDR BASIC 2 screenshot
easyHDR 3 screenshot
win mac
Windows and macOS
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easyHDR BASIC logo  easyHDR BASIC 2 

Title Size
easyHDR BASIC 2.13.3
Windows XP/Vista/Win7/8/10
6.91 MB Download free version

Please also try the demonstration version of easyHDR 3.

Current easyHDR version
3.16.2   (June 27th 2024)