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Sample HDR photo processed with easyHDR

Mount Titlis, Switzerland

Camera auto setting (0 EV) Underexposed (-2 EV) Overexposed (+2 EV) Result

Tone mapped HDR image

HDR photo of Mount Titlis, Switzerland.

Three photos taken hand-held, with auto exposure bracketing (AEB). They were loaded into easyHDR and aligned automatically. Chromatic aberration correction was also applied. The photos were combined into a HDR image that was finally tone mapped with settings similar to the easyHDR's "vivid-colors" preset.

The dyncamic range of this scene is not that high at all (see the 0 EV shot, which covers it entirely), but merging differently exposed photos and using HDR techniques, allows much more freedom when doing processing. Stacking (averaging several photos exposed with the same settings) would also do the trick, but you would need more such shots to achieve simialr pixel quality boost. The HDR generator takes the best exposed pixels to closely recreate the reality.

© Terence Tong

EasyHDR is HDR photo editing software that produces High Dynamic Range (HDR) images out of normal, JPEG/JPEG2000, TIFF or RAW photos taken with a typical digital camera. The program merges a sequence of photos taken at different exposure settings and applies tone mapping in order to create the result. It is also possible to enhance single photos.

Finally you can get rid of underexposed, overexposed and noisy areas in your photographs. You can also discover new possibilities - by taking pictures in places where are very difficult lighting conditions.

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Current easyHDR version
3.16.1   (March 15th 2023)