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Sample HDR photo processed with easyHDR

Notre Dame, Paris

Underexposed (-1.33 EV) Underexposed (-0.67 EV) Camera auto setting (0 EV)
Overexposed (+0.67 EV) Overexposed (+1.33 EV) Result

High Dynamic Range processing example

Notre-Dame de Paris - HDR picture merged from 5 bracketed shots spanning from -1.3 to +1.3 EV.

This scene does not characterize with very high dynamic range (apart from the lights, which actually take just a fraction of the image). However, the HDR processing with easyHDR, of 5 differently exposed photos, allowed to improve the quality, by merging together the best exposed areas. The noise level has therefore been greatly lowered - especially in the sky and in the shadows. That allowed to boost the local contrasts and make the image look dramatic. The vignetting effect was also very helpful to achieve that.

The moving water was a major problem, but was easily overcome with automatic ghost removal. Also the lens distortion has been automatically corrected with easyHDR in order to straighthen the field of view.

The sky was processed with slightly different tone mapping settings than the rest of the photograph by using layers. That allowed to better tune the settings, depending on the different characteristics of those two areas.

© Frederic Schvartzman

EasyHDR is HDR photo editing software that produces High Dynamic Range (HDR) images out of normal, JPEG/JPEG2000, TIFF or RAW photos taken with a typical digital camera. The program merges a sequence of photos taken at different exposure settings and applies tone mapping in order to create the result. It is also possible to enhance single photos.

Finally you can get rid of underexposed, overexposed and noisy areas in your photographs. You can also discover new possibilities - by taking pictures in places where are very difficult lighting conditions.

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Current easyHDR version
3.16.1   (March 15th 2023)