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Sample HDR photo processed with easyHDR

Ostrów Tumski in Wrocław, Poland

Underexposed (-2 EV) Camera auto setting (0 EV) Overexposed (+2 EV) Result

Photos merged to HDR and tone mapped

HDR sunset. Ostrów Tumski in Wrocław, Poland.

A HDR sequence of 3 photos was taken with a tripod. Alignment was not necessary, but manual anti-ghosting was used to remove slight ghosting effect caused by waving water surface. A bird (left side of the 0 EV photo) was also removed. Tone mapping was done with default settings, resulting in this realistic HDR photograph.

© Bartłomiej Okonek

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Current easyHDR version
3.13   (April 13th 2019)