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Sample RAW photo processed with easyHDR

Path on Santorini island

JPEG from camera RAW enhanced with easyHDR

Single RAW enhanced with HDR tone mapping

Using HDR software to develop a single RAW photo. Path on Santorini island, Greece.

This example shows the advantages of using easyHDR on a single RAW photo. Digital camera records the same dynamic range of the scene regardless in what format it stores the image data - in JPEG or in RAW. However image in RAW format is better for further processing as it contains more detail.

When the camera writes JPEG it compresses the recorded 12-bit (or better) data to fit it into 8-bit per channel format. By doing this quantization losses occur and also typically some dynamic range is lost, because of the compression curve characteristics that is used.

The photo on the left is a JPEG as it is produced by the camera. On the right side there is a RAW photo after treatment with easyHDR. Note that there is much more detail in clouds.

The tone mapping settings were slightly changed in respect to the "Dramatic-bright" preset. The "shadows" setings was increased not to brighten the shadows too much, "highlights" was increased as well in order to make the clouds more dramatic. The "Local Contrast - strength" parameter was decreased so the image still looks very natural.

© BartÅ‚omiej Okonek

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Current easyHDR version
3.13   (April 13th 2019)