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Three photos combined to HDR and processed

Pond near Topacz Castle, outskirts of Wrocław, Poland

Auto setting (0 EV) Underexposed (-2 EV) Overexposed (+2 EV) Result

HDR processed with layers

A pond near Topacz Castle on the outskirts of Wrocław, Poland. Dramatic HDR clouds.

Three AEB shots spaced by 2EV, merged to HDR image and tone mapped with easyHDR. The sky was processed on a layer, with higher Local Contrast strength in order to make it more dramatic. The pier has also been processed on a different layer, in order to make it darker and therefore make it less distracting.

The photos were taken just after the sunset, when the shadows become dark and the sky is still very bright. In the 0 EV shot the sky is blown and the rest is too much underexposed to even try to brighten it with software. That would have brought out noise and color artifacts. Thanks to HDR photo processing, you can control the exposure level of the various areas of the photograph.

Download easyHDR project file (17 MB)

© Bartłomiej Okonek

EasyHDR is HDR photo editing software that produces High Dynamic Range (HDR) images out of normal, JPEG/JPEG2000, TIFF or RAW photos taken with a typical digital camera. The program merges a sequence of photos taken at different exposure settings and applies tone mapping in order to create the result. It is also possible to enhance single photos.

Finally you can get rid of underexposed, overexposed and noisy areas in your photographs. You can also discover new possibilities - by taking pictures in places where are very difficult lighting conditions.

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Current easyHDR version
3.16.1   (March 15th 2023)