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Buy easyHDR 3

HDR photo editing software for Windows and Mac


easyHDR 3 HOME
single user license
(non-profit use)

$ 39.00
$ 33.00

(VAT/sales tax, if applicable,
is already included - this is the gross price)
Buy easyHDR 3 HOME
Windows 7/8/10/11, 64bit
macOS 10.12 or above, including Catalina, Big Sur and newer

single user license

$ 65.00
$ 55.00

(+ VAT/sales tax, if applicable)
Windows 7/8/10/11, 64bit
macOS 10.12 or above, including Catalina, Big Sur and newer

Please try the demo version before you buy:   Download easyHDR 3 demo

easyHDR screenshot Windows

The license: You can buy here a single user license for using easyHDR 3. Once purchased license is valid for any new release of easyHDR. The full text of the license agreement can be viewed during installation or in the program Help->About->License.

There are two types of licensing:
    • HOME - for non-profit use,
    • COMMERCIAL - for commercial use.

In case of both licensing types the program features are exactly the same. You should however purchase the license of the type that suits the real usage of the program.

The license is not time-limited and you won't have to buy any renewals or new versions.

Payment methods: A license for easyHDR 3 can be purchased with a credit card through MyCommerce/Share-it secure shop. You can also try your typical ATM card, because currently most banks allow transactions over Internet with such cards. Other methods are: PayPal (worldwide) or wire transfer (available for some countries). Payments by credit card or PayPal are processed immediatelly. In case of wire transfer, all the necessary information needed to make the transfer is displayed at the last step of ordering.

In case of Credit Card payment, the purchase is described with the following charge statement text: "DRI*BRTKSOFT-eHDR".

Delivery: After the order is processed you'll receive an e-mail, from MyCommerce/Share-it, that contains an invoice, your personal license key and instructions on how to download and register the full version of easyHDR 3. Please print and/or save this e-mail. If you are sure that the order is already processed (money taken from your Credit Card or PayPal account), but still haven't received the e-mail, please check your account's SPAM folder first before you contact MyCommerce/Share-it (FAQ) or easyHDR support.

Value Added Tax (VAT): In case of HOME license, the specified price is gross (VAT, if applicable, is already included). Therefore the price is equal for all customers around the world. The price for COMMERCIAL license does not include VAT. Commercial users anyhow do not pay VAT if valid EU VAT-ID is provided, or they can be reimbursed later. VAT is included into the price only for customers from the European Union.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation): The easyHDR license keys are sold by MyCommerce/Share-it Digital River GmbH. All the personal data acquired during the ordering process is administered by that company. The license key is generated by the publisher of easyHDR - which is BRTKSOFT Bartłomiej Okonek. The key contains your email address, in order to make it personalized, to allow technical support and to make new easyHDR program versions downloading possible. You'll not receive any newsletters, or any advertisements from BRTKSOFT. Your e-mail address won't be shared with any third parties. You have the right to ask to delete your data (although that will mean no possibility to receive support and download updates).

If you have any questions about placing an order and purchasing a license, you can find the MyCommerce/Share-it Frequently Asked Questions page very helpful. For direct contact with MyCommerce/Share-it please go to their support page. Please also do not hesitate to contact me.

Current easyHDR version
3.16.1   (March 15th 2023)