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If you have any questions regarding the program, have problems with purchasing it, haven't received your keycodes, lost your once purchased serial number, want to suggest new features, improvements, share your thoughts about easyHDR or want to report a bug, please write to me. If you can, please write in English or Polish. With other languages I'll just use Google's translator, but I'll reply in English.


I always reply to all e-mails and I try to do it in 1-2 days. When I am away, then I should at least notify that I will reply later. If you sent me an e-mail and never received a reply then probably either your e-mail, or mine was blocked somewhere or assigned as spam. In such a case I'd be thankful if you tried to contact me again. PLEASE ALSO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. Please remember that a plain-text e-mail, with a title and without any attachments is the most probable to be delivered successfully.

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You may possibly find answers to some of your questions in the FAQ section below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to buy a license for easyHDR?

First of all you can download, install and try the latest demo version of the program. The most recent demo version is always available on this website. If you decide to register easyHDR, please just go to the "Purchase" page and click on the "Buy easyHDR ..." button. You may buy a HOME or COMMERCIAL license for the program. The license is sold by MyCommerce/Share-it shop, which is available in many languages. Any problems regarding the order processing should be resolved here: Shopper Support (FAQ).

2. Is the license time-limited?

No, the license is perpetual. It means you can use it indefinitely. What is more, it gives you the right (also not time limited) to upgrade to any new easyHDR version for free.

3. How to get the full version of the program?

Once your order is processed, MyCommerce/Share-it sends you an e-mail that contains your personal license key and instructions on how to download and register the full version. Please store this email or print it, in case if you need it in the future (i.e. to reinstall easyHDR on a new computer). If you haven't received it, please check if the payment was really processed and verify whether the email hasn't ended up in your SPAM inbox. Please also check if you haven't made a typo in the email address. Finally please write me an email (see case #5).

4. Can I use one license on my PC/Mac and laptop, or do I have to buy one for each machine?

The purchased license is granted for a user. It means you can install and use easyHDR on several machines that belong to you - eg. your home PC, laptop and office Mac; as long as you are the user. It is also possible to reinstall easyHDR on a new machine.

5. What to do if I lost my license key and cannot find the full version installer?

Please write me an email: giving some details about the order you made - your name, registered email address, etc. It is best if you write from the address you have registered. I will find your license key and send it back along with instructions on how to download the full version.

6. What's the difference between "easyHDR" and "easyHDR BASIC"?

EasyHDR is the full product that is offered here on this website. All the documentation, examples, etc. are kept up-to-date with the most recent version of easyHDR. You can download a demo version of it. It has just two limitations: puts watermarks to the output photos and does not allow to save in TIFF format. In order to use easyHDR without limitations you have to buy a personal license. EasyHDR BASIC is a slightly limited snapshot of one of the older easyHDR versions. It lacks some of the features, but on the other hand it's freeware.

7. How long does the order payment processing take?

It depends on the payment method. If the order is paid by credit card or PayPal the order should be processed instantly (unless there's any problem anywhere in the chain - then please contact Shopper Support). If the payment is done via wire transfer, then the license data is sent to the customer after the full payment is received by MyCommerce/Share-it. The wire transfer can take from 1 to 4 working days - it depends on the country from where it is done (international or local wire). It depends also on the time of the day when the transfer was done.

8. I am a registered user of easyHDR 2 (or easyHDR 1). How do I upgrade to easyHDR 3?

If you are a version 2 registered user and have purchased your license in the year 2013 you should have received a free upgrade (if not please write me an e-mail). If you have purchased your license earlier, you have to buy an upgrade, for a reduced price.

9. I am a registered user of easyHDR 3. How do I update (or re-download) easyHDR 3?

You have received the instructions how to do it from MyCommerce/Share-it. If you lost this information please write to me - preferably from the same e-mail account that you used when purchasing.

10. RAW images from my camera cannot be imported by easyHDR or they look very strange (i.e. the colors are completely wrong).

Bad colors indicate that the particular RAW image format is not supported by the RAW decoder. New cameras are not immediately handled by the decoding tools and in order to be recognized by easyHDR a new version of the program has to be released. EasyHDR uses LibRAW library to decode RAWs (previously it used DCRAW, but it's not developed any more).

11. My camera and/or lens is not detected by the Lens Correction tool.

It most probably means that your camera or the lens model is not defined in the LensFun database that easyHDR uses. There is a chance that the support is already added in the latest development version of the database.

12. I want to use the Lightroom plug-in, but it seems it did not install.

The Lightroom plug-in for easyHDR is installed by default when a special Adobe Lightroom's folder for plug-ins exists in the system. It means Lightroom must be installed first and what is more, it must have been installed for the same user account on which you are installing easyHDR. The plug-in location is the following: C:\Users\[name]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\Modules\ (Windows), and /Users/[name]/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules, or /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules (Mac). If the plug-in failed to install, most probably the target folder does not exist. In such a case you may just download the easyHDR Lightroom plug-in. Please unpack this file anywhere on your disk and use the Plug-in Manager in Lightroom to install it.

If the plug-in is installed properly and you still have problems finding it in Lightroom, please note that it does not come with default LR presets that are available in the context menu for photos. You may create own or just use the plug-in by going to File->Export and selecting "easyHDR 3" from the "Export to" drop-down menu within Lightroom. For more information please refer to the latest easyHDR User Manual.

13. I can export the photos from Adobe Lightroom to easyHDR, but I am unable to import the result back to Lightroom's catalog.

First of all easyHDR comes with a plug-in and only with it you get the possibility to import the result into the Lightroom's catalog. It means that you have to export the photos with the "Export", not "Edit in ..." (Additional External Editor) method. There are two ready to use plug-in's presets available (see picture below). For the full plug-in's settings please go to Export->Export...

Export from Adobe Lightroom to easyHDR with plug-in preset

When easyHDR works in the plug-in mode, the "PLUG-IN" text is displayed in the title bar.

EasyHDR in Adobe Lightroom plug-in mode

When the photos are processed with easyHDR, that is working in the plug-in mode and you're ready to go back to Lightroom, please just save the result anywhere on the hard drive and close easyHDR. Actually, you can save the intermediate results many times, but only the last one will be imported to Lightroom's catalog. Please do not use the easyHDR's export to external editor function. This is not for moving your result to Lightroom's catalog, but instead to export it to any photo editor (like Photoshop) for postprocessing.

14. When will version 4 be released? Will the upgrade be free for version 3 owners?

I am not planning changing the major version number to 4, or anything like 2020 (year), etc. Instead, version 3 will be constantly developed. After version 3.9, versions: 3.10, 3.11 and so on will follow. Once purchased key for version 3 allows free updates.

15. I have problems with running easyHDR on Linux under Wine.

Please run Wine config tool and define a library override: "vcomp140 (native,builtin)" as shown in the image below. EasyHDR has been tested on OpenSUSE Leap 42.2 x64 under Wine 4.21 and also on OpenSUSE LEAP 15.1 x64 under Wine 3.7.

Linux Wine configuration needed to run easyHDR

16. Where are the easyHDR's settings and user files held? How can I clear all the program settings and remove the files?

The current easyHDR configuration can be brought back to the default state by clicking "Reset all settings" button in the Settings -> Program options dialog. If you need to clean it up manually, including deleting all the easyHDR related files please refer to the following:


The program is installed by default into "C:\Program Files\easyHDR 3" folder. It is entirely removed when you run the uninstaller (manually or through the application manager). The settings are held in the Registry under the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\easyHDR 3" key. Additionally, user managed files are held in the "C:\Users\[user_name]\easyHDR 3\" folder - imported LUTs, examples, user presets... The registry key and the user files are not deleted by the uninstaller.


The program is installed by default into "/Applications/". In order to uninstall it just move this bundle to the trash. The settings are held in "settings.cfg" file in the "/Users/[user_name]/Library/Application Support/easyHDR" folder ("/Users/[user_name]/Library", which equals to: "~/Library" is hidden). Additionally, user managed files are held in the "/Users/[user_name]/Documents/easyHDR 3" folder - imported LUTs, examples, user presets...

17. My Mac says that the installer "can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software". How to install easyHDR on macOS Catalina or Big Sur?

EasyHDR is not distributed through Apple's App Store. It's a standalone app that is signed with a certificate (author's certificate issued by Apple). It is also checked and notarized by Apple. Since macOS 10.15 Catalina, the user may allow (in the "Security & Privacy" settings) only apps from the App Store to be installed in the system. In order to install easyHDR, you need to allow the apps from "identified developers". For more information on macOS security please go to:

MacOS security settings

18. MacOS 10.15 Catalina (and above): user presets and user LUTs do not work - are not accessible.

EasyHDR holds (by default) the user files in the User's Documents folder. Those files are the user's presets, 3dLUT file imports, user definitions for LensFun database and user's logo that can be applied on the result photos (since easyHDR 3.15). In order to properly operate all easyHDR features, you need to give easyHDR access rights to the "Documents" (or change the user folder in easyHDR's "Program Options" - will be possible since easyHDR 3.15).

MacOS will ask whether you want to grant the permissions once easyHDR and its installer attempts to access the "Documents" folder for the first time:

EasyHDR macOS installer asks for permission to access User Documents folder

If you don't allow it, you'll need to give the permissions later in macOS "Security & Privacy → Privacy → Files and Folders". You can also grant permissions to access other locations as well if you want:

Granting easyHDR permissions to access User Documents folder on macOS

For more information please refer to Apple's support pages:

19. EasyHDR has no access to the Photos library on my Mac.

For improved security on your Mac, EasyHDR is a Hardened Runtime app. It is signed with a certificate, checked by Apple for malware and also notarized. In order to access the restricted Photos library, easyHDR needs to obtain entitlement to do so. It advertises itself to macOS, so the system should grant the access. If you have trouble accessing Photos library from easyHDR, please check whether it is allowed in macOS "Security & Privacy → Privacy → Photos":

Granting easyHDR permissions to access Photos library on macOS

20. The easyHDR's windows, texts and buttons are too large (or too small) on my screen.

The program windows are scalable, but because they need to provide certain functionality they require some minimum space to be properly displayed. That means easyHDR has a minimum screen resolution requirement which is defined in the program requirements section of this website.

In order to allow easyHDR work well at various screen resolution ranging from very small, up to very large with additional High DPI scaling (4K screens for instance), the program windows scale themselves according to system settings. However, you may wish to override these. One place to do so is the Appearance tab in the Program Options menu. There you can set small correction to system's scale (if you want to make the easyHDR's buttons and texts just slightly larger or slightly smaller, while not altering other apps appearance), or more strongly, change the physical to logical pixel size ratio for easyHDR.

EasyHDR options - color, scaling.

If because of the scaling issues you can't even access the Program Options, you can edit the run-time parameter of the easyHDR executable. On Windows please just go to easyHDR shortcut's properties and add '-scale N', where N is the pixel ratio value. To make all the windows, texts and icons of easyHDR smaller by factor of 2, set N = 0.5.

Editing easyHDR shortcut properties.

Current easyHDR version
3.16.2   (June 27th 2024)